Why Sustainable Marketing in Kenya Matters


What is Sustainable Marketing?

Sustainable marketing is like being the superhero of the marketing world. It’s about promoting products and services while being a planet-saving champion. In simple terms, it’s marketing in a way that’s not just about making money but also about making the Earth smile. Lord knows the planet could use a sigh of relief.

Why Should Marketers Care About Sustainable Marketing?

Here’s the exciting part: When you dive into sustainable marketing, you unleash a world of cool benefits. Picture this – you make your customers jump for joy. Today, people can’t get enough of eco-friendly stuff, and when your marketing embraces sustainability, they can’t resist what you offer. Sustainable marketing in Kenya is a buzz due to these reasons shared below.

What's in it for Marketers?

1. Happy Customers

Imagine your customers with big smiles – that’s what sustainable marketing can do. People love eco-friendly choices, and when your brand reflects that, it’s like music to their ears. It’s not just about sales; it’s about building a loyal fan base. FYI, 64%  of people say it is a business’s responsibility to solve climate and  environmental issues.(KANTAR, SM 2030 Report, 2023) 


That’s a number you want on your side! A whopping 97% of people are actively prepared to take actions to lead a more sustainable life.

2. Saves Money

Want to keep more cash in your pocket? Sustainable marketing can be your money-saving secret. By using less energy, recycling, and creating less waste, you’re not only helping the Earth but also your budget. It’s what we at ISA Africa like to call, a win-win situation. Jump on the sustainable marketing in Kenya bandwagon. Samsung Certified Re-Newed offers refurbished Galaxy 22 Series phones at a 30% discount – saving money and waste – and giving assurance on quality.

3. Good Reputation

Be the hero of your brand’s story. When you show that you care about the environment, you become the go-to choice. People respect businesses that make a difference, and it shines like gold in the business world. It’s all about marketing with purpose. Aligning your sustainability principles with those of eco-friendly customers is a big win.Sustainability accounts for 45% of a brand’s reputation, according to a report by market research firm KANTAR.

4. Stay Legal

Some places have rules about being green, and sustainable marketing keeps you on the right side of the law. No fines, no headaches – just smooth sailing. Compliance is such a buzz in corporate, trust us, you do want to be on the right side of the law dear. Article 42 of the Kenyan constitution states that the right to a clean and healthy environment is a fundamental human right.

5. Innovation

Going green pushes you to get creative. You have to come up with fresh, eco-friendly ways to market your stuff, and that often leads to amazing, out-of-the-box ideas that set you apart from the competition.

6. Purpose

70% of people living in the Middle East and Africa are personally  affected by environmental issues like global warming. It is not just a nice thing to do, it is the right thing to do. Businesses have a moral and ethical responsibility to act in a way that promotes a greener earth.

How to do Sustainable Marketing?

It can be as easy as making a cup of chai. Use green words like “eco-friendly,” “recycled,” and “sustainable” in your marketing campaign. Show off your eco-friendly actions, like using less energy, recycling, and supporting green causes. 


To become a sustainable marketing guru with impactful strategies, you might want to get some world class training. Our CIM Diploma in Sustainable Marketing starts in November. You  will be in the expert guidance of ESG specialist Muthoni Kanyana, our renowned trainer. You can learn more in our upcoming free webinar here

Long story short

Sustainable marketing is a double win. It’s good for the Earth, and it’s good for you as a marketer. People are head over heels for eco-friendly stuff, and you get more sales, a better reputation, and you save money. So go ahead, be a green marketing hero, and watch your success skyrocket.

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