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About Covid 19

We have adapted the application of all concepts to give you insights and information on how to navigate to the new norms presented by the impact of covid in the short and medium term, and how to stay argile to continuous changes.

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Marketing and Brand Planning

The marketing process you use can make or break your brand and its affinity with customers. The strategic marketing process is what will ...

KSH 55, 100 –  KSH 47, 500

Account Management and Life Skills

Personal skills are critical to building exemplary performance at the market place as well as rich relationships with self, family and society...

KSH 55, 100 –  KSH 47, 500

Strategic Account Management

In today’s increasingly globally integrated marketplace, understanding the Marketing Communications’ Campaign....

KSH 55, 100 –  KSH 47, 500

Integrated Media Management

Media planners identify which media platforms would best advertise a client's brand or product...

KSH 55, 100 –  KSH 47, 500

Digital for Business

The global digital transformation has pushed organizations and brands to adopt new strategies that enable better connection with a digital ...

KSH 55, 100 –  KSH 47, 500

APReCoM Fast Track Program

APreCoM  which stands for  , The Association of Public  Relations and Communications Management  Firms  (APReCoM)  is a Chapter of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK)  for Kenyan consultancy firms engaged in the practice of Public Relations and Communications...

KSH 55, 100

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