Integrated Brand Communications (IBC )

Advance your career in  marketing and Advertising 

Who it is for

Integrated Brand Communications

Integrated brand communications (IBC), is a program that provides a strong foundation to those wishing to progress or start a career in marketing communications.

Ongoing Intake

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Who it is For

Entry to mid-level practitioners in marketing communications roles including client account management, digital marketing, media management, and brand management.


It is also great for creatives who want a broader understanding of marketing communications, especially if you have started or want to start an agency.Budding entrepreneurs who want to run a marketing services agency.

Consisting of 5 key units the program enables one to gain a full understanding of 360 brand communications. The units include:

IBC Units

Marketing and Brand Planning

why you?

Position your brand for a sustained competitive edge  

Strategic Advertising Management

why you

Generate messaging that will draw customers to you 

Digital for business

Why you?

How can digital technologies drive your growth 

Integrated Media Management


Don’t guess, find and connect with your audience with efficiency 

Account Management (Relationship Management)

Why you?

Acquire competence in developing fruitful relationships  


Cluster of 3 Short Courses


Full Integrated Brand Communications (IBC)

Full course

Cluster of 4 Short Courses


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