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Turn Your Connections into Cash Program

What if we told you that you could get paid for simply knowing people. Know it sounds too good to be true but here’s how it works. ISA Africa is awarding professionals with a good commission on corporate referrals brought on board. Meaning, if you refer to us a Corporate client that signs up for any ISA training, you will get paid.



We offer two major types of corporate training:


  1. Off the Shelf Training-  Organization gets to select one of our ready made training programs that include:

These are smaller courses derived from the larger Integrated Brand Communications training. Preparing entry to mid level marketing and advertising professionals with practical industry expertise, they include:


Marketing and Brand Planning

Strategic Advertising Management

Digital for Business

Integrated Media Management

Account Management

This Masterclass is a globally recognized creativity boosting bootcamp for professionals in Advertising and Marketing Brand communications. Empower your team to create highly innovative, world class campaigns.

An initiative by the International School of Advertising that seeks to provide young talented creatives a platform to showcase their talent and grow. In collaboration with like minded organizations, the young talents go through a hackathon where they are trained, mentored and challenged  to develop great campaigns on real brands.

2. Customized Inhouse Training

Here the client organization gets a uniquely tailored training that suits their current and specific employee learning needs. You get to choose what your team needs to learn.

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