Strategic Advertising Management

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Strategic Advertising Management

Understanding the marketing and communications campaign development process is critical in entrenching brands for success in today’s increasingly global integrated marketplace. It takes having relevant business and brand insights and fully appreciating the marketing strategy and plan as a starting point.

Out of this, the Strategic Advertising Management process will take the business problem at hand, develop a brilliant insight, and come up with the communication BIG IDEA, strategy, and creative brief for the communications team. In addition, this person must develop the all-important ability to communicate, research, and intuition to match complex problems to communication solutions.

Learning Outcomes

On completing the module the learner will;

Focus Areas.

  1. Integrated Marketing Communications- concept/ process
  2. The briefing process
  3. Communication strategy development
  4. Creative Process Impact
  5. measurement

Who it is for

Anyone playing a role that requires a deeper understanding of consumer behavior in order to make decisions around communication, messaging hooks and connections. Marketing/ brand practitioners who need to work optimally  with their  creative partners in developing strong campaigns.

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