Mindscapes Masterclass

How to inspire innovation in product development and in brand
communications using the combined power of structured creative and
inventive thinking

key take outs

Mastering Innovation and Brand Communication

1. How to use the interactive tools and to cross the border between the on-line and the off-line worlds.
2. How to break perceptual and structural fixedness by dividing a system/product/service into components or by creating new connections between variables of systems.
3. How to disrupt functional fixedness by breaking a system/product into components and imagining the creative potential of using components in an alternative system
4.How to use problems and embrace them as opportunities rather than fearing them as threats
5. How to translate storytelling into “storyteching” which delivers real value to consumers
6.How to combine fun & functionality in a smart efficient manner

Ravid Kuperberg

Ravid is a former advertising professional with 14 years of experience in strategic planning and creative development. He has been working with numerous advertising agencies and brands around the world. He is a frequent keynote speaker and trainer at international marketing conferences and advertising festivals. Including recurring appearances at the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival, Spikes Asia and many more.
He has an MBA degree and a Bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics. Most important of all (for Ravid), he is an aging goalkeeper at a local amateur football club.

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