Structured Creative Thinking Tools for Crafting Effective Brand Ideas

Mindscapes Creative thinking tools program for brand communication  and senior marketers


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28th March 2024.


The Fairview Hotel, Upper Hil

What About Event

For over 8 years, Creative Mindscapes has empowered individuals and teams across Kenya through transformative workshops in collaboration with ISA Africa. This has seen several Kenyan brands go on to win awards for creativity and effectiveness in global and regional festivals like The Loeries, Cannes Lions Awards; to mention a few.
Developed by industry veteran Yonathan Dominitz, the session promises to ignite sparks of inspiration. Mindscapes proven methodology involves deconstructing award-winning campaigns to extract core thinking patterns for breakthrough creative outcomes.
By participating in the Masterclass, your team will acquire innovative thinking skills, propelling your campaigns to new heights of success.

49 Cannes Lion awards, including 3 Grand Prix Lions,  have been won by Mindscapes trained agencies and brands, using these creative thinking tools, +200 Awards Won Globally By Agencies using Mindscapes Thinking Tools


This training presents some of the most effective and new ways companies in the creative advertising and marketing sectors can successfully engage with consumers in the new communications reality; including the challenges of the current shifts, while responding to some of the fears, barriers, and crucial questions you may have.

The workshop will cover 3 tools:

Part 1 -Creativity to Discover

The majority of the most creative and effective award winning campaigns are based on game-changing insights. Yet, uncovering a truly powerful insight is one of the hardest tasks in marketing and advertising. 

Part 2- Creativity to Invent

Developing innovate breakthrough ideas many times requires a combination of creative and inventive thinking. Exploring new uncharted terrains of thinking paths and technology utilization. 

Part 3- Creativity to Deliver.

In a famous quote, based on research conducted at Berkeley University, comedian John Cleese from Monty Python once said: “Creativity is a… way of operating”. So how do you operate your mind and apply your creative thinking skills in the optimal way for delivering better creative ideas? 


Ravid Kuperberg

Ravid is a former advertising professional with 14 years of experience in strategic planning and creative development. He has been working with numerous advertising agencies and brands around the world. He is a frequent keynote speaker and trainer at international marketing conferences and advertising festivals. Including recurring appearances at the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival, Spikes Asia and many more.
He has an MBA degree and a Bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics. Most important of all (for Ravid), he is an aging goalkeeper at a local amateur football club.

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