ISA Africa

Marketing in a

Gen Z World

ISA Apprenticeship Program


22 March 2024.


9:00 AM


UON Towers


What you need to


Ever wanted to join the marketing & advertising industry? Are you a recent grad looking for your first big job? Tuko na form! Join us on March 22nd at the University of Nairobi for the “Marketing in a Gen Z World.” free event.  Partnering up with the cool cats at Brighter Monday and Predictive Analytics, this ain’t another boring event.


Predictive Analytics Lab, the data science wizards, and Brighter Monday, the HR maestros, are teaming up to guide you through the maze of career readiness. We’re tossing out free insights on how to ride the data-driven marketing wave. Say goodbye to generic campaigns and unemployment.  The big Bazus are here with unmatched connections and insights.