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Digital For Business

The global digital transformation has pushed organizations, brands, and emerging businesses to adopt new strategies that enable better connections with a digital-savvy consumer.

Marketing teams and the overall organization strategy have to align with the emerging digital consumer trends defined by the use of digital technology today.


This course is designed to help businesses, marketing, and communication teams acquire digital marketing skills relevant to the ever-changing marketplace. Teams from different departments, including brand and marketing practitioners who need a working understanding of Digital Marketing because they will work closely with Digital Marketers,  must take this program.

Delivery and Assessment


Virtual classes + videos + case studies + group work presentations

Project work

Assessment :

A project based on a real case business scenario


Learning Outcomes

On completing the module the learner will;

At the end of the course, you will develop a digital marketing communication campaign tailored towards meeting real marketing and business objectives

Who is it for

Business owners, Brand / Marketing professionals, Agency professionals and early stage digital marketing practitioners.

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