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CIM is the world’s leading body for Marketing accreditation. d Recognized globally by organizations both in the public and private sectors, the CIM Diploma opens doors to a world full of rewarding career opportunities

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Achieving the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Level 6 Diploma will equip you with the requisite knowledge, skills, and comprehension to excel at a managerial capacity, enabling you to effectively fulfill a vital and prosperous role in the professional marketing domain within your workplace.

Discover how you can scale the ranks in your marketing career. This webinar is an overview of the world’s most prestigious marketing certification . Learn what you as a marketing professional stands to gain by being an MCIM. Find out the process and qualifications of becoming an accredited marketer.

What does sustainable marketing in 2023 look like? Join a renowned sustainable marketer with 10 plus years working with different organizations across the continent as they decipher the secrets to Sustainable Marketing Success.

The digital landscape is ever evolving. Learn how to shift your goal post as the goals keep changing. This webinar will help you discover how you can properly optimize digital campaigns for greated ROI. Say goodbye to poor quality leads and take your business to the next level with proper optimization strategies.

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ISA partners with CIM to ensure the highest standards of training are adhered to. Our  experienced l trainers are a vital aspect in the success of our training, going above and beyond to provide learners with the assistance they need to pass. The virtual evening classes are flexible and accommodate working professionals.

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