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ISA-Africa offers master classes for middle to senior level members of organizations and in-house teams. These trainings typically run with international speakers and renowned industry experts.


We have organized trainings for organizations such as National Bank, Densu, Redhouse, Multichoice among other companies. These trainings have involved creative teams, marketing teams, customer service departments, client service and sales teams.



Mindscapes Creative Thinking Tools Course

Mindscapes Creative thinking tools course for senior marketers & brand communication experts in the banking, finance & insurance sector

26th and 27th April 2022


Are you at that place where a different way of thinking is needed to grow your brand into an asset that delivers on ambitious revenue and performance goals? New and different thinking is what Mindscapes is all about.


This unique course is designed to provide senior marketers and brand communications experts with Mindscapes methodology and creative thinking tools to expand, deepen and broaden ones thinking in marketing and communication.


Derived from the analysis of the thinking patterns behind award winning campaigns, Mindscapes tools and methodology have a proven record of improving marketing and communication skills and know-how. The tools have helped numerous brands and companies world-wide in creating more successful, creative and effective marketing and communication ideas, projects and campaigns.

Key Areas to be covered

Creativity to Discover:

Structured tools for Insight generation for marketing and communications

Creativity to Invent: 

Structured tools for Innovative thinking for new product/service development

Creativity to Deliver:  Structured tools for  Innovations in communications; Advertising, PR, Digital, BTL, Media.

Creativity to Collaborate:  Structured tools for boosting collaboration between  client and  agency.

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