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This program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively grow yourself and manage  your clients better .

We are offering six topics of this course. Scroll down to chose which suits you best.


Trainings and free Tools to get you started for 2023

This program is designed to help you master the art of juggling multiple tasks, effectively leading a team, and delivering powerful presentations. By the end of this course, you will be equipped with the tools and strategies necessary to effectively manage your time, boost team productivity, and make a lasting impression when presenting to clients or colleagues.


What you need to know

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Leveraging Your Personal Brand Power and CV (2 MARCH)

  • Understand and internalize the concept of ‘ Personal branding’ as it applies to your professional development
  • Learn the key steps, process and documents used in ‘Personal branding’ for successful professional growth.
  • Learn what will guide you in developing a powerful resume and to convey your brand essence
  • Learn how to extract and express what makes you different using the CARAS Matrix

Upskill Your Emotional Intelligence (20th FEB)

  • Learn what Emotional Intelligence is
  • Understand what emotional intelligence is not
  • Understand why emotional intelligence is important 
  • Learn how it relates to your wellbeing
  • Learn the art of up-skilling your Emotional Intelligence

Harness Your Business Presentation Skills Online and Offline (21 & 22 FEB)

  • Learn characteristics of an effective presenter 
  • Learn how to effectively put your ideas across  in front of an audience
  • Learn  the tips and tricks of presenting  online


Enhance Your Time Management / Effectiveness (1 MARCH)

  • Learn what Time Management is 
  • Answer the question if time can really be managed
  • Shift your understanding of Time Management
  • Determine the good use of your energy
  • Learn the difference between spending and investing your time

Heighten Your Team Effectiveness (27 FEB)

  • Learn what teamwork is
  • Understand what team work it is not
  • Understand why teamwork is important 
  • Learn how it relates to the success of the organization
  • Learn Five elements of successful teamwork


Impactful Account Management Skills (23 FEB)

  • Understanding why calling it account management affects your view of the customer/client
  • Understand important aspects of the customer/client relationship to consider
  • Learn how to Increase your impact with customers/clients


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