Finish Your CIM Diploma in Marketing Before the 2024 Syllabus Starts

Are you pursuing your CIM Diploma in Marketing and have already completed one or two units under the 2019 syllabus? Great news! ISA Africa’s July 2024 intake is your golden opportunity to finish off your diploma before the new syllabus kicks in. Here’s why you should grab this chance with both hands.

What is Programmatic Advertising

If you’re a curious marketer who hasn’t yet delved into the world of programmatic advertising, you’re in for an exciting journey. Imagine having a tool that can precisely deliver your marketing message to the right audience at the right time, and do it all in real-time. That’s the power of programmatic advertising. So, what is programmatic advertising, and how can it transform your marketing efforts?

Why Sustainable Marketing in Kenya Matters

Sustainable marketing is like being the superhero of the marketing world. It’s about promoting products and services while being a planet-saving champion. In simple terms, it’s marketing in a way that’s not just about making money but also about making the Earth smile. Lord knows the planet could use a sigh of relief.

Beating Big Brands on a Small Marketing Budget in Kenya

Are you a marketer in Kenya, dreaming of conquering the advertising world, but your budget is tighter than a ride through Nairobi traffic? Worry not, my clever marketers! We’ve got the perfect recipe to help you take on the big spenders with a grin on your face. Let’s explore strategies and tactics that are as effective as they are budget-friendly,

The Power of Strategic Advertising Management Mastery

Master the art of Strategic Advertising Management and elevate your campaigns from ordinary to extraordinary. Discover the rewards of precision, creativity, and cultural resonance in advertising. Learn from iconic brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, Safaricom, and more. Join us on September 26th to unleash your advertising mastery!”