Yonathans QnA with ISA

Yonathans QnA with ISA

At the International School of Advertising we are excited to be hosting Yonathan Dominitz for the 3rd year running for the Mindscapes Tools for creativity masterclasses. Yonathan is a world renown creative trainer who has trained creatives at the famous Cannes Lions festival among other creative festivals across the globe. The international School of advertising is at the forefront of elevating the quality of work in the Brand communications space by benchmarking local works to global greats. with this in Mind ISA invites Yonathan to equip brand communications professionals with the tools they need to elevate the quality of work in our industry.

Ahead of the masterclasses we asked Yonathan some questions that would give you a hint of what to expect at the master classes between March 24th and March 28th, 2017.

Yonathans Insights into Brand Communication - The QnA

How do brands best benefit from communications?

Clear communication is key to the success for any brand. The line of this communication has to be clear, current, relevant and true.

Whats the difference between branding and brand communications?

Brand  communication is what we offer as a business. Unfortunately, a lot of the time this gets misunderstood as just branding or brand identity. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers while brand identity is how a business wants to be perceived by consumers.

What is key to remember when crafting brand messages?

Each brand and each audience is different, for behind each brand and audience are people, each differing from one another, each with their own personality, style and goals. This human element is what we find hugely important. This is where brands can truly connect, this is where emotion is and where good communication can exist.

Many times brands present something which may not be accurate about their products in their messaging, how would you address those behind such inaccurate brand messaging?

There are so many mistakes that marketers or brand communicators make which often cost them a lot, to name just a few the first one being underestimating the intelligence of people (consumers ); not being honest in their brand communication; having a superficial understanding of insights and the power of powerful insights to create much more effective brand communications; not understanding the real potential of creativity in driving business and communications, and much more. This in totality makes the brand/product look dishonest and the people will stop engaging with it. People will not buy into dishonesty and quite often speak out about it and thus damage the brand.

In Kenya there's a lot of copying, where a brand copies another's advertising or marketing style in hopes of replicating the said brand's success. What's your advice to such?

Relying blindly on past success, adhering only to practices who worked in the past or elsewhere, fear to take risk, fear to try and even to fail, are among the big mistakes managers should avoid as this can hurt even the most stable brand.

Dominitz will be in Nairobi in a few days to share insights and tools that will make your brand messaging more effective as well as help you use proven processes to ensure your produce only the best work.

Sign up for the masterclass that best suits your need and let's elevate the quality of our work to international standards.

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