Why Join ISA? Recap of Learn and Earn Season 2

Why Join ISA? Recap of Learn and Earn Season 2


Students expect that their investments of hard work, time and finances at their post-secondary institutions of learning will result in the favorable return of either securing employment or having the skill to profitably run their own enterprises. Many unfortunately find themselves dismayed when they clear, go out into the world and are unable to sell themselves and their enterprises. The fact is that the market is overflowing with these kinds of students who are unable to demonstrate their competitive advantages and so are left out. ISA has demonstrated its edge in that unlike in most institutions of higher learning, students are given a guarantee of placement thus it boasts, "We give you the skills we get you the job." This is because beyond giving the technical skills to build brands, ISA also imparts on students emotional intelligence; a more than necessary component for success at the workplace and in life generally.

Learn and Earn – Season 2

In preparation of Season 2's 'Learn and Earn,' ISA held its 'Learn and Earn Boot camp' that was held on Saturday 30th July at the ISA center. This allowed potential students to win the benefits of either a full scholarship or a deferred payment plan. Basically, the students were given a quick overview of all the courses they would undertake from 9th August including: Marketing and Consumer Behavior, Public Relations, Advertising, amongst others. From that they were asked to use this information to grow a particular brand of their choice. The insights they derived were shared with a panel and the students with the best presentations had the chance to win. 1 student won a full scholarship and 3 others won a deferred payment plan. ISA offers the benefit of assured placement upon graduation, so it's a good idea to join and it's not too late; classes commence on 9th August and it's a full-time course. We look forward to enrolling students.

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