Why should I get a CIM qualification?

Why should I get a CIM qualification?

I recently had a conversation with some of our CIM trainers and students. I wanted to know from them, what really is different about CIM?

It was quite intriguing to hear from one of the favorite trainers; who happens to be very seasoned in his field. He said, ‘CIM has enabled me leap from an expert to an industry shaper’.  So, if this is what a trainer would say, imaging the impact it would have on participants who are starting or building their careers?

Let’s take a look at what CIM can do for you.

I like the way CIM captures it in the 4 C’s. Career, Capability, Community and Content.

Get Grounded in Your Marketing  Career

Let’s face it,  a lot of the time, marketers are not considered at top  level board conversations. Marketing is  unfortunately perceived as tactical and operational, after the bigger strategic decisions are made.  It is up to the Marketers to demonstrate that indeed Marketing drives business growth. However many do not have the skill and confidence to do this.  CIM  gives confidence to budding marketers to become excellent at what they do.  Eventually achieving a Chartered Marketer status recognizes ones experience, knowledge and commitment to a career in the marketing profession.

Get Tools That Will Build Your Marketing Capability

Besides enabling you think though all the nuts and bolts, CIM provides one with guidelines, frameworks and tools  for  day to day tasks to high level strategic proposals.  Through the online marketing resource, Marketing Expert , CIM haS provided all the templates  and made it easier for you to do your job.  Furthermore, to keep you current and updated on latest trends and techniques, CIM offers monthly Webinars which you can conveniently attend from your desk.

CIM also has a  marketing library resource where you can find online journals, newspapers, company reports and publications from a variety of credible sources to give you valuable insight.

In short, CIM membership gives you, as a marketer, all the tools and resources to help you improve and develop your marketing capabilities.

Get Into a Local, Regional and Global Community

CIM has a membership of over 50,000 markers across the globe.  As the world’s largest organisation for professional marketers, CIM has a global reputation as a centre of excellence and its qualifications are recognised worldwide. Whether you’re starting out or you’ve worked in the industry for over twenty years, CIM membership will help support and inspire you at every stage of your marketing career

At a local level ISA holds monthly talks on emerging topics which not only give you an opportunity to  stay current but also to network with others in the industry.

Not only does CIM membership give you access to your local network, but you can also join a specialist group if you work in a particular industry sector. It’s the perfect opportunity to engage with other marketers who work in the same industry as you.

 Get Updated and Inspired with CIM Content

CIM provides a quarterly publication, Catalyst. It explores the latest topics and trends that dominate the world of marketing. With insights from industry leaders and stimulating articles from the wider marketing profession, you’ll be encouraged to think differently and expand your knowledge. Additionally, each week CIM provides you with content on the latest thinking, stimulating articles and interviews with leading industry experts on the CIM online content hub, Exchange. Including blogs, editorials and webinars; this content aims to support and inspire you in your role.


Relevance and Impact is our Mantra

We pride ourselves in bringing all these benefits to life for you. All our trainers are practitioners and experts in their fields. This means that they take an approach that enables you not only to get a qualification but also practical insights and  skills  that you can apply immediately

Our internal administration will guide and offer you support in accessing  CIM resources including webinars, publication and notifications so you may constantly stay ahead of the game.

ISA now offers convenience through our on-line CIM courses.

That said, apply for CIM with ISA here.

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