Why Enroll for A Marketing Course at International School of Advertising?


Why Enroll for A Marketing Course at International School of Advertising?

Via Steven Sokulski

In the last decade alone, the world has changed a lot – right before our eyes. The monumental shift towards Tech has affected every sector, including how marketing is conducted. Getting a professional marketing qualification such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing or Integrated Business Communication at the International School of Advertising is a sure way of getting up to speed and being competitive in an ever-changing industry.

A marketing qualification focuses on getting a product from the conceptual phase into the hands of the consumer.

What a Marketing Course at ISA do for you

Most marketing courses take a series of required or core courses in the first couple of levels that are related to their major in their junior and senior stages. Professionals in marketing will often study units such as advertising, promotion, marketing, brand planning, Integrated Media management, and digital for business or advertising strategic account management.

In case you are thinking of enrolling for a CIM (Chartered Institute of Management) or IBC (Integrated Business Communication) or any other short courses in marketing at ISA (International School of Advertising Africa). Still, you are not sure of the benefits, you have come to the right place. We get a lot of these questions at ISA about our marketing qualifications like, “how will your short marketing courses help advance my career in Kenya?”; ‘will I get time to study between my busy work schedule?’; and ‘Why should I enroll for a marketing qualification at International School of Advertising?’.

Here’s why.

Marketing professionals get to expand their knowledge

If you plan to take up a short marketing course, IBC, or CIM qualification, the first thing you benefit from is building your marketing experience. In case you are in an entry-level marketing position, it’s the perfect way to learn about it and help you understand what makes a top-notch marketer.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the industry for years; getting a marketing qualification will advance your skillset with new marketing techniques in an ever-changing industry.  

Flexibility of Studying

Most marketers who have been in the industry for a while feel they are too busy to go back to class and earn a new qualification. Fortunately for you, most of our courses at the International School of Advertising can start at any time of the year.

The classes are also flexible in terms of how you study with options in the distance and blended learning, making it easy for marketing professionals to choose which suits their work life.

Skills you can use right away

The moment you begin our courses at ISA, you’ll acquire valuable and useful skills that you can start practicing right away in your current marketing job, as you continue to develop your skill set.

Stand out from the crowd

The moment you sign-up for a marketing course such as IBC or CIM, you’ll not only benefit from the skills you can use right away in your field, but you’ll also get an added advantage on your resume. Standing out from the rest, in case you choose to jump in the job pool.

Career Boost

It doesn’t matter if you have been in the marketing career for a couple of months or a decade; gaining a high-quality marketing qualification such as CIM or IBC at the International School of Advertising could be the thing you need to progress in your career.

Based on a CIM survey, after attaining a degree, some of the marketing qualifications recognized brands look for when hiring is a CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing; CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing, and a CIM Foundation Certificate in marketing.

Why Study at International School of Advertising?

We value our students and their careers in Marketing. That is why at the International School of Advertising, we offer up to 2 years of support, allowing each candidate to complete flexibility in carrying out their studies.

Part of our mandate as an accredited institution in Kenya is to tailor our teaching and support to match the learning outcomes required for each course we offer.

Ready to take the next step?

We offer a wide range of marketing courses to suit your career needs. Find out more information on what’s included with each option on our courses page.

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