What’s the Novice Brand to Do?

What’s the Novice Brand to Do?

Last week I considered that it’s always best to buy established brand names rather than novice brand names. My argument was that established brands are interested in maintaining good brand reputation resulting in loyalty from both their customers and end consumers. To counter that argument one would posit that even these established brands started from new and grew on to established. The question that then begs is, “How can novice brands get a chance to be selected and trusted?”

A few words would summarize what needs to be done and they are;  develop ‘rejection thick skin’; there will be plenty no's before the yes. Make sure you’ve identified unsaid needs and that your product meets these needs VERY WELL. The digital space is your friend – exploit it!, and keep pressing; the diffusion of innovations curve still operates. Can you think of any other tips?

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This article has been written by Marion Wakahe on Behalf of the International School of Advertising

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