What does digital essentials course entail?

what does digital essentials course entail?, advertising,ISA

What does digital essentials course entail?

With the evolution and disrupt of technology it is paramount that one gets digital skills training that will help you be skilled digital marketing practitioner.
Digital essentials course will offer one the basic understanding of digital marketing and what it all entails. Digital essentials is a ten-week course that gives you vigorous hands-on skills on the best practices that will make you a very competitive person in the job market.

At the end of the course on will be able to develop digital marketing plans, design campaigns, identify digital tools to be used for specific digital marketing campaigns and monitor the progress of such digital campaigns.
By gaining insight into the behavior of online consumers, one is able to advise marketing/ brand practitioners, how to appeal to the online community for the purpose of building brands and businesses online. One will also be participating proactively in promoting the profile and reputation of their clients or businesses.
With the skills, you will become a digital marketing practitioner that can comfortably come up with digital plans for campaigns and monitor what is working and get the value for money for your given client.

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