Did you know that more than half of employers in Kenya consider leadership experience and volunteering experience very highly when looking to hire fresh graduates? According to a talent report by Corporate Staffing, such graduates have been found to be outspoken, team players, flexible and take initiative; while those with volunteer experience already understand basic employers expectations, office etiquette and behaviour.

53% consider educational attainment, 49.4% look at involvement of the fresh graduate in extracurricular activities, and only 6% consider employing a fresh graduate on the basis of foreign language knowledge or fluency.

For many employers in Kenya today a university level education is not the key thing they look for in job candidates. However, the perception of the increasing value attached to university-level education, means that many young Kenyans either have a degree or intend to get one. While it is true that a university degree certificate can open doors, without rich learning experiences underpinning the degree, it doesn’t translate to employment opportunities. Students and fresh graduates are therefore encouraged to seek leadership and work experiences even at little or no pay to add value to their degree certificates and eventually to the jobs they will apply for.

For employers in organizations, the marketplace only gets more and more competitive and talent is the only true differentiator. Where capital and technology can be easily accessed; the brainpower knowledge and experience of staff becomes the most valuable asset in progressive organizations.

Some of the biggest challenges faced by employers when recruiting include receiving of too many job applications and a poor quality of candidates as well as an unwillingness of good candidates to relocate.

For the fresh graduate looking for a job opportunity, it’s key to remember that ones’ area of specialization, leadership experience, academic attainment, availability and affordability are the key variables assessed when choosing between two equally qualified candidates.

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This article is an extract from a research the was conducted by Corporate Staffing in 2015

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