The Permission to be Naughty

The Permission to be Naughty

We’re all striving towards ideals. Ideals are set by our super-egos (the angels in us). Then we have IDs (the devils in us) that would have us not meet these ideals. For example, our super-egos would tell us to work-out every day for 40 minutes while our IDs would tell us to sit and eat. Then we have (and most people are governed by this), our egos.

Our egos are the balance between our super-egos and our IDs. Take a shopper who decides to drop 3 kilos in the month. She steps into a supermarket and sees a big bar of chocolate. Her super-ego would tell her not to even think about it. Her ID would tell her to forget her weight loss goals. Her ego would find a balance between the two and she would likely then choose a smaller bar of chocolate. These three personas are very relevant to marketers and this we shall consider next week. In the meantime, ponder, “How are these three personas relevant to my industry?”

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