The Eye Magnet that’s Creativity

The Eye Magnet that’s Creativity

The marketing and advertising industry has tremendously grown over the years primarily due to the emergence of big local industry players, growing SMEs and increased consumerism among other factors. This has simultaneously led to the growth of marketing communications agencies tasked with developing brands and campaigns that will enhance their visibility in the market, which can be considered, bought and ultimately build customer loyalty. This has enhanced competition with today’s consumer spoilt for choice.

Creativity is key in stirring interest among our target audience who will in turn drive businesses to a higher level. Leading businesses actively seek employees who uniquely identify and solve problems, while being a dependable source of interesting and disruptive ideas. Majority of employers regard creativity as one of the top three personality traits most important for career success.

So how does one go about increasing or acquiring creativity? It starts with belief – training your mind to have thoughts that inspire wild and spontaneous ideas. A change in your daily routine, a new piece of furniture, or a random conversation with a stranger. When you set yourself free from all the meticulous planning and the pre-set routines, the world begins to be a source of inspiration.

However, if the experiential method of increasing creativity seems too eccentric, one can opt to learn it as a skill. This is definitely a more structured option that provides mentorship and support for those who need it. All in all, you must train the mind to believe in its vast potential for therein lies the key to creativity.

For campaigns and brands to be an eye magnet, the idea which is expressed in the copy, images and experience need to resonate with the needs and desires of the target audience. A logo and a colour palette alone is not enough to make a brand visible, relevant and unique – you need a great central idea. Therefore, it is crucial that people in brand communications, whether a client or agency, are equipped with the skills necessary to generate valuable ideas that are at the heart of every successful campaign.

That’s why the Mindscapes tools are so intriguing to me. Developed by Yonathan Dominitz, a trainer and a leader of creativity enhancement projects in advertising, media, marketing and communications, these tools have provided an excellent method to ‘learn’ creativity. The tools are a result of continuous study and analysis of creative patterns in thousands of case studies of award winning campaigns in the globe’s top creative festivals.

Yonathan is back to Kenya from the 24th to 31st of March running master classes in the understanding and application of Mindscapes creative tools across the major facets of marketing. These are Below-The–Line campaigns, Digital Storytelling and Brand Marketing. Also, an advanced class for creatives will be held, for those who have attended previous mindscapes trainings to refresh and elevate their knowledge. This is also open to other marketing and brand community who interact with creative at whatever level as it will definitely improve on the work process.

Yonathan will be hosted by the International School of Advertising, a professional training school that nurtures young talent and transitions them into a career in brand communications while offering working professionals up-skilling opportunities.

At ISA we believe in the wealth of talent among our youth! We are committed to not only nurture it but to build it!

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