Ready for deployment with ISA

Ready for deployment with ISA

Every business, every organization survives by telling its story. If you tell a good story, you can persuade more people towards your product, therefore sell more products and raise more money, in short, with a great story, you can do a better job at whatever it is you need to do.

The advertising, marketing and public relations field has grown tremendously in the last decade as more organizations recognize that their continued existence depends on how they tell their brand stories. This means Marketing, Advertising and PR is more and more appreciated as core functions of a successful business. This is the growth of brand communications.

Within this sphere of brand communications a lot has changed quite fast. Where we once sent one way messages, telecommunications technology has evolved in such a way that feedback is immediate and direct. This can be scary for an organization that may not have the capacity to engage with its market as efficiently but it's also a great thing for organizations as it helps them meet their customer needs even better and faster.

With these changes, many organizations find themselves afraid of fully engaging in such direct engagement with its market perhaps due to a lack of capacity to understand the market changes and appropriately take advantage of it. It is a challenge keeping up the rapid pace of change and finding a skilled and knowledgeable workforce to guide the agencies through the transformation.

Susan Makau Makobu, the founder and director of the International School of Advertising, has a rich background in the Marketing and Advertising industry spanning more than 20 years. She says the industry a fast lane environment and companies have little or no time to train and retrain people. This leads to high rates of poaching and staff migration. Having been in the industry herself and seen first-hand the challenges advertising and marketing  companies face, she decided to offer a tangible solution. She established the International School of advertising whose objective is to primarily bring new entrants in the industry up to speed in terms of skills and competences needed. The institution also offers practicing practitioners an opportunity to sharpen their skills.

“We are equipping people with the necessary skills for them to have an easy entry in the industry,” explains Susan who has worked in both corporate and agency world.

Susan says that based on her experience, the fact that an individual has graduated with an industry related discipline does not mean he/she is ready for the job market. That is why ISA comes in to prepare people entering the industry and equip them to swim fast when thrown into the deep waters of the brand communications industry.

A key differentiator of ISA training from conventional training is that students are not subjected to intimidating exams but rather are evaluated using case studies by professionals. This not only enables them get real life experience but also open doors for possible employment should they impress the evaluators.

And therein lays the value with training from the International School of Advertising. There is a high demand for well trained and qualified talent within the brand communications industry. ISA will train those interested in entering this fast paced competitive world and will place the trainees in the most appropriate internships from where the likelihood of their being absorbed is very high.


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