Mindscapes: How to Create Great Ideas With Great Impact Within Low Budget

Great Ideas with Great Impact

within Low Budget

Special 2021 Offer: Group Rate Available for a Limited Time (for a group of 2 people max). This is a special offer in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Bring a friend and pay Sh. 65,000 for the two of you. Please note that you will both join the training program from one device as there are limited spots available.


Mindscapes Creative thinking tools Course

for Senior Management, Marketers and Brand Communication Experts

Creativity Boosting Thinking Tools – Online Masterclass Course

In times of uncertainty, when media & production budgets are often limited, creative thinking is needed more than ever.
Experience shows that creative ideas can overcome media and production constraints and have a much higher ROI than average, non-creative ideas.
As the 6th edition of Mindscapes, with the International School of Advertising, this course will introduce participants to a set of disruptive creative thinking tools, geared to be applied within low budget constraints, which can be specifically implemented in times of uncertainty, and allow you to transform problems into new creative opportunities for your brand.

 The approach

This program examines the most creative, effective & innovative award-winning campaigns which were created within low budgets*, and that had highly effective results and identifies the recurring thinking patterns behind these ideas. Based on these patterns, it then offers structured and practical thinking tools for developing innovative, breakthrough, original ideas.
The tools are then implemented by participants on various communication briefs and challenges.
*Low budget is of course a relative to the average production & media budgets in respective markets and organizations. 

Think Differently


– Acquire practical tools to lead teams in the process of ideation and creation of new concepts and new campaigns.
– Learn a new process that inspires and fosters creativity, and at the same time, gives a clear direction for effectiveness.
– Create a structured process for stimulating new ideas by practical thinking tools enabling creators to direct their minds and imagination in clear directions


1. How to use the interactive tools and to cross the border between the on-line and the off-line worlds, thus creating innovative usage of the digital tools in people’s every-day life.
2. How to steal’ functions from existing resources while making life easier for consumers.
3. How to disrupt functional fixedness by breaking a system into components and imagining the creative potential of using components in an alternative system.
4. How to disrupt structural fixedness by creating a new connection between variables of a system that were not connected before
5. How to innovate by removing rather than adding
6. How to use problems and embrace them as opportunities rather than fearing them as threats
7. How to translate storytelling into “storyteaching” which delivers real value to consumers

About the Trainer

 Yonathan Dominitz 
Founder of Mindscapes. A trainer and a leader of creativity enhancement projects in advertising, media, marketing and communications. He is also a senior facilitator of projects for New Product Development, and an experienced trainer in courses for inventive thinking and creative marketing. Yonathan has conducted projects with numerous companies and leading global ad agencies. He is a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences and advertising festivals, such as Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, Eurobest, Dubai Lynx and more. He has over 20 years of experience working in senior positions in the advertising industry.

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