Master Class Courses

Below are upcoming Master Class Trainings for the year 2019. Feel free to make an inquiry for more details:

Insights on Insights Which Make a Difference

Majority of the most creative and effective award winning campaigns are based on game-changing insights. This workshop suggests a unique way of defining an insight (hint: it is not a single revelation).  The Mindscapes insight tools were created by a deconstruction analysis of award winning campaigns while revealing specific insight mechanisms they share. Each tool presented is implemented by participants on real agency/ client tasks.


Innovation & Creativity for Building Strong Brands

Surprising as it may sound, nearly 70% of the most innovative and creative solutions to problems, and products/ Services in the world are based on some recurring creative thinking patterns. Brand and marketing professionals are invited to join this conversation. Arm yourselves with innovative thinking tools which will enhance your creative thinking potential and enable you develop fresh new ideas for product/ service development and solving problems with creative communications solutions .


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