Marketing & Brand Planning

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Marketing & Brand Planning

The marketing process you use can make or break your brand and its affinity with customers. A strategic marketing process will guide your overall marketing strategy and efforts. It will ensure you target the right customer segments, position your brand for a solid and sustainable advantage and help you maintain a keen eye on your goals and objectives. It also provides an actionable way to monitor and measure the status and success of your plan.
The use of data to make these decisions and choices is critical today. With a Data Led approach enabled through our industry partners, this program will equip and enable you to adapt to uncertain environmental factors and rapidly changing consumer behaviors.

Learning Outcomes

On completing the module the learner will;

At the end of the course, participants will be able to carry out a situational analysis of the current environment, set strategic priorities, define marketing objectives and craft a data-led marketing strategy and plan


Delivery and Assessment


Virtual classes +videos + case studies + group work presentations

Project work


A project based on a real case business scenario 

Key Focus Area

Who it is for

Anyone who realises, and wants to understand as well as  apply marketing to drive  growth for businesses and brands.

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