Let’s Learn and Earn

Let’s Learn and Earn

Its official, the Learn and Earn program for 2016 by the International School of Advertising has been launched.

This year there are two full scholarships available and 5 deferred payment plans as well. A deferred payment plan is when the school will reclaim your fees from your salary once you start working.

Susan Makau - International School of Advertising, ISA Africa‘When we award you with a differed payment plan, it means that we are confident we will place you into a good position where you can repay the fees for the courses,’ – Susan Makobu, Director, ISA

This years launch was attended by 40 potential brand students who were enthralled by the real life experiences of industry experts such as Bruce Mugaisi from Ogilvy and Ann Njugu from Scanad.

Brian Mugaisi - ISA Africa‘In this industry you just have to be curious and go for what you want without apology,’ – Bruce Mugaisi, Account manager Ogilvy.

Bruce shared his journey into the world of advertising pointing out that the signs had started showing while he was still in campus. He says he thought he would do well in PR so he took that specialization.     His fascination with what moves people to buy and his naturally outgoing personality drove him from one fun project to another within the campus. On graduating and joining a PR agency as an intern, he realized PR did not get his juices going the way he expected he asked for anther internship in advertising and has never looked back.

Ann Njogu - ISA Africa‘But the pressure is real and it gets hard. Many people crack under the pressure, that’s when your passion and drive carry you through,’ Ann Njugu, Scanad.

Ann shared what agency life is like; the fun, the pressure, the challenges and the rewards. She encouraged those in the room to follow their passion for brand communication whether or not it’s what they studied for in campus. She has a degree in economics and is now a business head at Scanad.

This Saturday ISA will host the Learn and Earn boot-camp where you can come and prove to us why you should be the one to either earn one of 2 full scholarships or one of 5 fee deferment plans.


Learn and earn season 2 launch interactive session at ISA Africa

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