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The pic of a frustrated woman. It shows the frustration of learning CIM in an institution that doesn't offer the chance to choose between online and face-to-face classes.

Learn CIM Online Or Attend Face-To-Face Classes. Your Choice

Why CIM at ISA

1. Location will not be a hurdle to you because we give you the opportunity to choose between online and face-to-face learning


On-line features include:

  •  Login at a location convenient to you
  • Interactive live classes with other students
  • Group chats and discussions
  • Class recordings available on request
  • One-on- one support for assignment submissions


    If you choose face to face classes, these are the advantages

  • Small classes with personalised attention
  • Safe location in Kilimani area
  • Plenty of parking

A  nice of cup of hot tea needed in this chilly weather!


2. And to cup it all up, we give you the opportunity to attend high-level industry talks and events that will give you the unfair advantage of networking with industry professionals.

3. The pass rate in our CIM courses is very high. On average, 76%

4. Our trainers are seasoned industry practitioners with rich insights from the real world

About CIM

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world’s largest organization for professional marketers.


CIM plays a key role in training, developing and representing the marketing profession.

This means that all their courses reflect what the industry wants.  The courses involve more practice than theory thus prepare marketers for their professional role.

Therefore, they give marketers skills that will make them better at their jobs and make their businesses more successful.

Represented in over 110 countries, 100 study centers and over 50,000 members across the globe, CIM has a global reputation as a center of excellence and its qualifications are recognized worldwide.

What You Will Learn

CIM Digital Marketing Pathway

  •  Level 3 Digital Essentials
  •  Level 4 Digital Marketing
  •  Level 6 Digital Strategy

CIM Level 6: Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing (6-12 months)

1. Digital Strategy

2. Driving Digital Experience

3. Mastering Digital Channel

What ISA Alumni Say

It has been approximately one year six months down the line and ISA has been for me everything that I expected. I have currently been employed at one of the big Advertising agencies in East Africa for a little over a year thanks to a connection through ISA and I have my qualifications in IBC and CIM. My career future looks bright and as an alumnus of ISA, I still get the benefit of being granted opportunities to further network and grow my skills through workshops, seminars, events and industry talks that ISA organizes.
Jefferson W.M. Mwangolo
My journey before ISA had been punctuated with being ‘green’ and being clueless of what it means to work with brands. I truly believe that ISA has sharpened my mind to what Brand Communication should be especially in a time when consumers are the gate keepers and decision makers. The great thing with ISA is that it has always been concerned with its students even after becoming alumni offering continuous workshops that provide spaces for networking, lecturers from industry experts and job opportunities.
Ekrah Matu


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