ISA 2nd Graduation

ISA 2nd Graduation

What is Your Story?

Betty Raider at the International School of Advertising - ISA Africa"For a long time we were guided in our decisions regarding the future by parents, relatives, teachers we were told, choose this school or choose that career path. A time comes however usually when you are in college or just after university when you realize that what you are doing might not be what you want to sometimes we know what we’d rather be doing, sometimes we don’t. That’s okay too.  What matters is what we do about such realizations. – Betty Radier

This was the key message to this year’s graduates d the international school of advertising by this year’s guest of honor, Betty Radier. The intimate ceremony held on the 16th of July at the ISA learning center as 40 graduates, their family and friends. Stories were shared of how different students found their calling in brand communications with some having completely changed careers and others gradually finding their own way.

One thing the ISA fraternity shared in their journey to professional growth was the internal drive to realize their dreams and through ISA’s unique and practical style of training; the students were all absorbed into competitive positions across the brand communications industry.

International School of Advertising - ISA Africa class of 2016

ISA wants to be a part of your story, helping you realize that dream and landing that job or starting that business. To learn more about how ISA can make it happen for you, you are invited to this year’s earn and earn where you will meet with industry leaders and talk about that decisive step that will change your life. There will also be 2 scholarship awards and 3 deferred payment plans up for grabs. This will be on the 22nd of July 2016 from 4:00 PM at the ISA Learning center, at Woodlands office park, on Woodlands road, off Lenana road.


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