Is a Marketing Certification the Right Move for My Career?

Marketing certification_ISA Kenya

Is a Marketing Certification the Right Move for My Career?

marketing certification_ISA Kenya
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Let’s face it; it’s not as easy to land a lucrative marketing job in Kenya and East Africa as it was a decade ago. The industry is highly competitive, and having a leading institution’s marketing degree doesn’t guarantee a top marketing job.  Thus, more and more professionals opt to enroll for a marketing certification in reputable Marketing institutions such as ISA (International School of Advertising).

You don’t have to limit yourself to either becoming a certified marketer in the industry or taking courses that’ll offer a certificate upon completion. With ISA, you can do either- or even both!

According to top faculty at ISA, you can even decide and enroll for a single short course, one after the other, relevant to your interest or your current work tasks.

When it comes to picking out a marketing course, it is essential to ask yourself a few questions.

Why do I need to get Certified?

Well, if one of your aspirations is to be a certified marketer, or you feel getting certified will help you achieve your career goals, don’t hold back – Go for it!

However, before you enroll, it’s important to note that getting certified doesn’t guarantee advancement in your career.

Getting certified shows:

  • A practitioner has mastered a particular subject matter to others (This information is precious for a recruiter or your employer).
  • You are committed to your career and have a passion for learning.

Is your Marketing Certification Institution Reputable?

In case you are looking to get an IBC (Integrated Business Communication) certification or CIM (Chartered Institute of Management) certification, it is important to research from mentors. Marketer’s governing bodies like APA and employers what institutions they recommend or have experience from previous successful employees.

It’s also important to note the membership size of the institution, the number of years they have been training, partners, and the board of members.

What are the tutor’s like?

It goes without saying, the more professional experience a tutor has, the more they will have a strong chance to pass knowledge across. ISA offers CIM courses and IBC courses; it also has a masterclass program run by successful professional marketers in the industry.

The classes are offered in a variety of forms, including:

  • Masterclass
  • Online-scheduled
  • Online- on-demand

When looking to start a marketing certification program in Kenya, make sure you consider the kind of education situation you will have before committing to a particular course.

How much does a Marketing qualification cost?

Before selecting the type of qualification, you want to attain, it is also essential to check out the course’s cost. Depending on whether it’s self-sponsored or you will be getting sponsorship from your employer, make sure you can afford it.

ISA (International School of Advertising) offers several marketing courses with variable prices. Potential students can select from several short courses available that represent their career needs.

Bottom line

Marketing, no doubt, plays a significant part when it comes to running any enterprise. Having an excellent marketing strategy helps the company grow and allows it to increase its lead generation across variable channels. 

It is due to this reason that reputable companies are always looking for professional marketers with high qualifications, professional knowledge who can succeed in today’s competitive marketing industry.

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