Jane Katuga

About: Jane Katuga

  • Role : Wellness and life Coach , ISA Trainer.
  • Website :
  • Experience : 20+ years
  • Specialist in : Personal Development

Jane Katuga is an experienced Corporate Skills Trainer, Life and Wellness Coach and
also a budding writer. A fun-loving, humorous and entertaining to people who know
her, Jane is always looking at ways to bring more cheer into other people’s lives, and
in the process enrich her own. Her unique style combines the feeling side and mind
mentoring approach to expand people’s conscious awareness. In challenging
participants to shift their perceived paradigms, Jane focuses the client’s attention to
the value of stepping outside what’s comfortable and familiar to what is necessary.
This process creates openings for new practices in dealing with self, others and
• As a Corporate Skills Trainer, Jane equips her clients to achieve limitless corporate
success through a process of uncoiling their conviction of powerlessness in the face of
severe competition. As opposed to the practised competitive strategies, she helps
organisations move to new frontiers through awareness of the emotional factors that
guide the client’s decision making. Consequently, this follows a new realisation by the
staff that the better the organisation gets at making emotional connections, the
better its chances to attract and retain business.

She also runs numerous amazing life changing programmes under her trademark,
Jane’s Life Class. Her programmes offers opportunities to collect wisdom for those
who are willing to acknowledge that the buttons that really push us; are just but
teachers that point to us areas in our lives where we need growth.
Jane has worked with a myriad of organisations in diverse areas. Amongst them are;
Kenya Power, Kentrade, Kengen, CAK, Ogilvy, Melvins Tea, Tek Production, Metrovate
(K) Ltd, ISA Kenya, Coop Bank, Bamburi, UAP, Coop KCB, Toyota, National Bank, Equity
Bank, Ogilvy, KIE, GlaxoSmithkiline, Reckitt Benkiser, HP, Cocacola, Stanbic Bank,
Wananchi On Line, Multichoice , Kenya Investment Promotion Centre, Barclays Bank,
Post Bank, Kenya Re, Access Kenya, Melvins Tea, HELB, BAT, Pubic Communications
Office , Bunson Travel, De La Rue and Bayer EA.

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