Insights and Innovation for Exponential Growth

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Insights and Innovation for Exponential Growth

I recently had the privilege of watching submissions of award-winning campaigns and was amazed at just how powerfully simplicity works, yet it’s one of the most difficult things to achieve, especially in marketing communications.

Freshness burger, a small to medium sized player in the fast food industry in Japan, despite having popular mouth- watering burgers, had little to no female customers. Being a fairly small player, they didn’t have the muscle to support a big budget campaign. This got them thinking.

A research they conducted revealed that the problem was rooted in a deeply ingrained culture.

For many centuries, ‘Ochobo’, referring to small mouth was culturally accepted and attractive for women. Opening ones mouth wide open was regarded as ugly and rude.

To-date, it is considered good manners to cover the mouth when opening it. This means women are denied the pleasure of enjoying burgers in public. For this reason, women were not consuming burgers.

So what did the agency do?  The most amazing yet simple idea. They disrupted the convention and their big idea was, ‘Free women from the spell of ‘Ochobo’ 

They introduced ‘The liberation wrapper’. A dainty wrapper printed with on ‘Ochobo’ mouth on the exterior; for the public to see, but which allows women fulfil their desire of a large juicy burger, without showing their open mouth.

Result, it was an instant success! Their sales on women customers rose 213% in only one month. The camping was covered on national media and attracted stories which were widely shared on social media.

To arrive at this idea, the agency used a Mindscapes Insights tool called Search for Conflict.

Conflicts create tension and discomfort, which help to develop brand solutions.  The approach is to learn to identify conflicting or different views that people may have.

Two types of conflicts are internal and external conflict. Territories of conflict are determined by; Views and Beliefs, Wants and Desires, Emotions, Needs and Behaviours.

In this case it was the insight was based on  the conflict between respecting tradition and opening ones mouth wide in public.

The fact that the brand sympathized with this conflict, meant that the chances of people listening was enhanced, and so did the chances of becoming more meaningful, relevant and credible. This is what to look out for in marketing communications.

Most creative agencies are still producing mediocre campaigns that are banal and brainwashing, thereby contributing to the clutter in our media today.

“Creative agencies and brands need to find a way to think more creatively and start producing more innovative campaigns that touch the hearts of the people.

Winning brands are the brands that get people involved. People share what they love, and for one to know what the people love, it is crucial to get better insights.”

Insights on Insights that make a difference, and Innovation in Product/ Service development will be one of the themes of this year’s Mindscapes workshops.

 Mindscapes’ Thinking Tools are thinking patterns derived from the analysis of award winning campaigns that resulted in exponential growth for brands.

Yonathan Dominitz, the founder of Mindscapes, is a global renowned trainer and leader of creativity enhancement projects in advertising, media, marketing and communications.

He has personally conducted projects in numerous companies and leading global ad agencies. He is a keynote speaker at various international conferences, creative advertising festivals (Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, Golden Drum, etc.) and associations worldwide.

He has over 10 years of experience working in senior positions in the advertising industry and over 17 years in training in creative thinking

For the last 4 years, the International School of Advertising (ISA Africa) in partnership with Mindscapes has conducted annual workshops for marketing professionals and creatives on creative enchantment tools for brand innovation and creativity.

As a result, we can proudly showcase local brands that achieved exponential growth as a result of using mindscapes’ tools.

Max Ngari (former Group Creative Director of Ogilvy Africa), has been an ardent Mindscapes’ tools user. I recently asked him how often he uses the tools and he said.’ Always’, in a rather ‘what else do you expect?’ manner.

Well, it has borne fruit. Max is a four-time Cannes Award winner. His work led to Ogilvy Africa scooping 22 awards and taking the number one position in the 2017 APA (Kenya) awards.

His work has also won awards in other festivals including the Clios, Dubai Lynx, One Show, Loeries, Cristal, MSK, Digital Media Awards amongst others.

And it’s not just about creativity, Mindscapes’ tools bring exponential growth to brands.

Ol Pajeta gained an increase in its campaign to raise money for its endangered Rhino species, ‘Sudan’ by 325% in a matter of weeks. 

Intermarche juice, a French juice brand, increased sales over 400% after adopting a Mindscapes’ product innovation tool. The retails chain where they were stocked increased footfall by 25%.

Visit the Mindscapes’ site to see many similar cases. 

Having been in this industry for so long, Yonathan has had the privilege to interact with numerous marketing campaigns globally.

According to him, the power of advertising is now with the consumer. There’s been a big revolution and evolution in the media industry.  Gone are the days when big brands with big budgets would buy media space and say what they want. That doesn’t work anymore.

Today, winning brands are those brands that are creating ideas that matter to their consumers. These are the brands that realize that there’s a bigger purpose than just selling their products and services.

“The bigger purpose should always be how to make people’s lives better and how to make the world a better place to live in. These brands ask themselves, ‘What is my small contribution as a brand in people’s lives?’,” He explains.

Once brands understand what they stand for, what their vision is and what their promise to the consumer is, they should then do something that really makes the world a better place.

It doesn’t have to be big things. It could be small things that give people tools to make their lives better – relationships with family and friends, things at work, etc. – more than just having a great brand.

If it’s sugar, how do you make people’s lives sweeter more than just using sugar? If it’s beer, how do you make people’s lives more fun more than just drinking beer? If it’s a condom, how do you make people’s lives safer more than just using a condom? Catch the drift?

Mindscapes’ tools equip creative agencies with a number of tools that help agencies think creatively. These tools have been tested over time and in fact over 30 Cannes Lions and 3 Grand Prix prestigious awards have been won by agencies that used these tools.

And who doesn’t want to bag a Grand Prix? If you missed the Mindscapes workshop, fret not. ISA Africa will be holding fort as we await the 2019 workshop. 

Finally, how do you make a campaign memorable? Yonathan opines “Surprise your audience, touch their hearts and make them want to engage with your idea!”

Author: Susan Makau

CEO, International School of Advertising (ISA)

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