Importance of IBC (Integrated Brand Communication)offered at ISA?

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Importance of IBC (Integrated Brand Communication)offered at ISA?

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You might be wondering what IBC or Integrated Business Communication offered by ISA (International School of Advertising-Africa) is all about. The industry developed the IBC qualification in conjunction with the Association of Practitioners in Advertising (APA). For many businesses, the brand is one of its valuable assets. For some, it’s perhaps the only valuable asset. Therefore, these assets need to be well protected since they connect the organization and its clients.

With the assortment of communication channels today, including the social media invasion, more and more organizations resort to self-publishing. Mobile technology is evolving each day, and more than ever, video is more accessible. 

To be competitive, organizations need to ensure that their brand and marketing communications are effectively integrated. More importantly, Integrated Business Communication (IBC) offered at ISA gives potential enrollers a strong foundation for those looking to start a career in marketing communications.

Why is Integrated Business Communication (IBC) by the International School of Advertising –Africa (ISA) Beneficial?

The marketing world is fast changing with the sudden rise of digital evolution. Therefore, to be strategic, marketers must be able to develop marketing strategies and creative marketing campaigns that weave in variable marketing fields including; Promotion, Advertising, owned assets, and social media) that are precisely aligned to the objectives of our brands.

To achieve these objectives, marketers require a deep understanding of each medium’s intrinsic strengths. 

Don’t get confused; it’s not just a method of merging activity across variable media to develop a brand story. It requires marketing professionals to create a significant impact through effective use of each medium while generating synergy between them to achieve a more substantial sum of parts in the end.

By enrolling for an IBC qualification with ISA (International School of Advertising- Africa), marketing professionals have a better chance of understanding each medium’s limitation and the audience’s willingness to absorb the messages through a specific medium and integrating the message as part of the strategic plan.

Who Is Integrated Business Communication (IBC) for?

IBC is essential for entry-level to mid-level professionals in marketing communication roles such as digital marketing, client account management, media management, and brand management. Integrated Business Communication qualification course offered by ISA is also great for creatives looking for a more comprehensive understanding of marketing communication, especially for practitioners or budding entrepreneurs looking to start an agency.

Integrated Business Communication qualification consists of five critical units that are important in understanding 360 brand communications.

·   Marketing and Brand Planning.

·   Digital for Business

·   Strategic Advertising Management

·   Account Management and Life Skills

·   Integrated Media Management

Bottom line

Integrated Business Communication qualification offered by the International School of Advertising provides a great chance for marketers in Kenya to enhance their skills against the rapid growth and development in technology and business communication. It also offers a competitive edge for practitioners looking to begin their agencies competing with international brands and organizations.

In case you are interested in taking the next step in your marketing career with an Integrated Business Communication qualification, visit our offices or call us on +254 735 370 993. We will accompany you throughout your business communication journey.

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