Idriss Ahmed

Idriss Ahmed

You are on your office desk doing the same hum drum tasks as you ask yourself once again what this is all for. Either your job isn’t changing you enough and you are now bored or you never even wanted to do what you are doing for a living. Or you just get exposed too something new and now you are re-thinking your profession. You are not alone; the difference is what you do about it.

Idriss Ahmed was a banker for 8 years but he always felt there was something else more exciting for him. He remembers thinking that perhaps his passion was in marketing. He also remembers pointing at a bill board and saying, “One day, I will be the one making that happen.” At that time he didn’t know how that would happen. He just knew the banking word was not for him.

Last year he get tired of his job and quit He had no plan and no idea where to start. He then found out about the International School of Advertising and decided to take the Integrated Brand Communication diploma as he figured out his next move. On the 16th of July he was one of 40 students to receive the diploma from ISA. By then he had already been hired by Access Leo Burnet. He can now go back to his friends, point at adverts and say,

“I made that happen.”


Idriss Ahmed at the International School of Advertising - ISA Africa

That said, what is your story and how can ISA help you make it happen? Join us on the 22nd of July at ISA from 4:00 PM and let’s see where your dreams and our stellar training can intersect. CLICK HERE TO VIEW & REGISTER FOR THE EVENT

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