IBC September 2019 Intake

Photo of woman smiling. The words: 84% employment rate right next to her. 84% of our students get jobs through our IBC apprentice program.

84% Employment Rate, Why You Should Study Integrated Brand Communication (IBC) At ISA

Simply put, 84% of our students get jobs. This is because our Apprentice program connects our students to their future employers

1 month before the commencement of classes, you will have two immersion days during which you will pitch to your potential future employers. At this point, you stand the chance to get a job and start working with your employer while learning IBC. This is how our students get jobs while learning IBC.

Our IBC Students Pitching to Their Future Employers

students will take part in our next immersion. Be among the privileged 60 by clicking the button below.

More Reasons to Study IBC at ISA

1. ISA is endorsed by  the Association of Practitioners in Advertising (APA), mandated with the responsibility of developing and upholding professional standards in the advertising industry in Kenya

2. With an IBC qualification from ISA, you  are exempted from  The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Level 4  and automatically qualify for Level 6, starting a journey to becoming a Chartered Marketer

3. ISA is registered by NITA as a valid training provider


Who Qualifies For This Course?

  1. Fresh young under graduates who have attained or waiting to graduate in Marketing/ Advertising and/or related studies, or,
  2. Has attained an under graduate qualification in a different field and exhibited beyond reasonable doubt that the program will enhance their delivery in their chosen field and/or are considering a career shift to Marketing/ Advertising and/or related fields
  3. Have worked in the field of Marketing/ Advertising and/or related services and want to ground their skills 

What Our IBC Students Say

" Before ISA, I didn't understand marketing that much. My background is communication. I heard about ISA from a friend who informed me that ISA's marketing courses were very practical. I decided to give ISA a try so I enrolled for IBC. Learning IBC at ISA has helped gain practical skills since I get to learn from experts who have worked in marketing and advertising agencies. Their way of teaching is very practical since they teach us using real-life examples of their experiences working in the marketing industry."
Ruth's Photo
Ruth Wanja Thairu
IBC Student
My journey before ISA had been punctuated with being ‘green’ and being clueless of what it means to work with brands. I truly believe that ISA has sharpened my mind to what Brand Communication should be especially in a time when consumers are the gate keepers and decision makers. The great thing with ISA is that it has always been concerned with its students even after becoming alumni offering continuous workshops that provide spaces for networking, lecturers from industry experts and job opportunities.
A photo of Ekrah
Ekrah Matu
IBC Alumnus

Take Advantage of Our September IBC Intake

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