H1 2021 Review Highlights & Insights

MD ISA Africa

A Word From The Managing Director

Susan Makau,
International School of Advertising, Africa

We are so excited to launch the first H1 2021 review. As we considered this idea, we didn’t realise that there would be interest beyond Kenya and East Africa. We therefore promise to take a wider continental view next time as we look at the overall 2021 annual review.

Webinar Topics

Speakers & Topics

  • A Review and Analysis of H1  2021 Advertising and Category spends. 
    By  Enock Mokaya, Snr Researcher; ReelAnalytics
  • An Overview of Evolving Media Consumption Habits(In the era of Covid)
     By Neema Wamai. Media Director and Service Line lead for IPSOS in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The COVID-19 Barometer: Consumer attitudes, habits and expectations revisited. 
    By  Kate Njoroge. Chief Client Officer, East Africa. KANTAR
  • Five Changes that are here to stay
    By Vikas Mehta, CEO Ogivly Africa.
  • The consumer’s report card. Memorable campaigns from the consumer perspective
    By Francis Gachagua. CEO Onepulse Kenya

The first half was surprising to many. Despite an optimistic start, there was an overall reduction on spend in the first half of 2021 compared to the last half of 2020, but an increase in OOH and Print ad spend in the same period. This roller coaster and predictions for 2021 and beyond is well detailed on the ReelAnalytics report.

The Ipsos report essentially tells us that the new consumer has become a moving target for both content creators and advertisers and a much more robust strategic planning process will be needed to succeed.

The Kantar COVID-19 Barometer builds perfectly on the Ipsos report by giving us insights into consumer attitudes,habits and expectations that brands must align to. One key expectation is that brands cannot run away from the fact that consumers expect them to go beyond a service or product and play a part in offering practical solutions in their lives today.

The Ogilvy perspective builds -on by sharing changes presented by COVID-19 that are here to stay in respect to marketing practises. Great guidelines to start thinking about and practising with the key trend being the need to align brands with a bigger purpose.

OnePulse caps the discussion with real reactions from the consumer on brands and campaigns, telling us what is working and what is not, reinforcing the recommendation that a deep understanding of the consumer will be critical in taking brands forward.

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