Going Digital: Considerations for Businesses on the Digital Transformation Journey in Kenya

Digital transformation _ISA Kenya 2021

Going Digital: Considerations for Businesses on the Digital Transformation Journey in Kenya

Digital transformation_ISA Kenya
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“Going digital” is becoming a mantra for many businesses locally here in Kenya and around the globe. A significant amount of success stories from the industry outline how impactful going digital has been. But don’t get carried away. Most of these reports leave critical details about the initial steps a business needs and some of the internal issues that need resolving first.

In case a business doesn’t take the necessary steps to do the proper groundwork, it’ll end up merely taking its problems from one platform to the next and making the entire process a waste of time and money.

So, where do you need to start?

Well, this is a common challenge for many Kenyan businesses looking to go digital. While many companies understand how vital digital and mobile channels are when converting leads, they lack an integrated plan to grow and engage their audience effectively.

That said, if your business lacks a strategic marketing plan, you are bound to suffer from a lot of problems. According to Fujitsu’s digital marketing team, it is expected to deliver financial and operational results when a business goes digital. The biggest drivers of these transformations are its clients, by 58%.

The tough question here is, how can your business go digital today?

What does Going Digital mean for my business?

It is essential to understand that clients primarily dictate businesses’ increasing investment in digital transformation. This is because there is a need for their products and services delivered fast and efficiently. 

According to lead marketing experts at ISA, going digital is all about establishing an updated layer to advance future tech applications that’ll make running the business more streamlined, introducing new quality of client experience.

In the process, a business will have to actively move its products and services into a digital environment developing new business models to avoid being left behind. Apart from staying abreast, going digital offers several benefits to Kenyan business, such as increased security, reduced operation cost, and improved productivity, to name a few.

What do I need to go to Digital?

Going Digital is not a walk in the park. Fortunately for you, we have detailed a few issues your business needs to resolve before migrating. 

Assess the Market

Before you go digital, it’s vital to honestly do research and find out where your business stands on the digital maturity curve. Find out if you have competitors who might be enjoying a piece of your market share. To begin your transformation, try to visualize a world where your business could interact with its clients without digital boundaries. Then, consider how best your business would fair if you did nothing and your competitors went ahead and engaged clients digitally.

What will your business gain from going digital?

Simply put, before you decide to invest in digital transformation, it’s essential to determine how it will drive your key performance indicators or add revenue. If you are confident of the benefits, you can begin the adoption process, however, make sure you track the progress.

Map your Client Journey

You probably didn’t know this, but going digital doesn’t begin with marketing or even IT, but rather it starts with the customer. The first thing a business needs to do in its digital transformation is to identify the client and where they are engaging you from. Next, you’ll want to confirm you are pursuing the correct client base mapping the entire customer journey.

Invest in Machine Learning

Data is the next big thing on the internet, and, understandably, not many Kenyan businesses are equipped to handle data in large quantities. In fact, most Kenyan SMEs are not trained to manage data, analyze it, or transform it for best use. To stay ahead and beat the curve, invest in training your workforce on Machine Learning, as well as other short courses that will benefit the transformation. 

Have a qualified team

The digital transition is a challenging phase, and due to the process changes, many things can go wrong. It is, therefore, crucial that you have the right team. It is essential to understand that going digital is not about implementing the technology, but many steps, including planning, strategizing and implementing. Having the right team is critical.

Bottom line

Technology and people are the two main components required for digital transformation. However, sometimes, factors arise that prevent businesses from gaining ground towards digital dominance. It’s important to note that going digital doesn’t just mean ticking a box, but rather about big data, the mobile revolution, and social media. Therefore, your business must be geared towards a mindset that empowers its employees to place the customer experience at the heart of everything it does.

In case you are looking to train your workforce on your journey towards digital transformation, ISA (International School of Advertising) offers short courses that could help in your business’s transition to digital. 

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