For the Jobseeker: CV Writing Tips

For the Jobseeker: CV Writing Tips

Your CV is usually the first point of contact between you and a prospective employer. It therefore is of utmost importance that this document be well thought out and structured. The very competitive nature of today's job market makes this all the more important. Whether you are a first time job seeker or scouting for new opportunities, utmost attention should be paid to the content, structure and layout of your CV.

Recruiters usually have to go through hundreds of resumes during the hiring process, and a CV will be tossed aside for the slightest error. This leaves no room for mistakes of any kind! Read more here for some tips on how to make your CV more grammatically sound. And while at it, consider our personal development course, which will really give you an edge over your peers; an edge that you really need in this tough job market.


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