Dear Entrepreneur, Here are Advantages of Digital Marketing

Dear Entrepreneur, Here are Advantages of Digital Marketing

A technological wave of change is sweeping around the globe. The train has since left the station. Those yet on board risk being left lagging and will soon have themselves to blame.

The advent of social media has revolutionized the world. The dream of making the world a global village has since been surpassed and what remains is for people to tap into the fruits that come along with technology.

Not long ago, the mainstream media were the only channels that brands could use to reach out to both existing and prospective clients.
Things have changed and tables have turned. The mainstream media is feeling the heat and some have started adopting the sweeping technological changes. Social media (digital marketing) is the new thing in town. Those who cannot shape in so as to flow with it, have no otherwise but to shape out.

Any business that needs to ‘remain’ in the game right now has to take to digital marketing. Without digital marketing at the moment, is like a very handsome man trying to wink at a very beautiful lady in total darkness.

What are some of the advantages of digital marketing?
i. Digital marketing is affordable. Compared to the mainstream media, digital marketing is far much affordable. In most cases, where one has an internal team, there is nothing to pay for since the tools are free unless when you want to ‘sponsor’ a certain content.

ii. Digital marketing has more reach than any form of media. According to a research done by GeoPoll, more than 70 percent of Kenyan consume their media on online channels (social media) with only 20 percent of them confirming whatever they see online with the mainstream media. Products and services on online platforms have more visibility than those channelled through the mainstream media.

iii. Digital marketing has a sense of time. Content sent through digital platform has a long ‘life expectancy.’ In fact, it never dies. One is always at liberty of coming back and making a reference for the same. Unlike other channels such as radio, TV, and Newspaper, once the message has been aired, it is done unless it is repeated. There is no opportunity for the listener or reader ‘revisiting’ the content for the mainstream media.

iv. Digital marketing has instant feedback. It is the only form of marketing that the seller is in contact with the buyer and is able to interact, get feedback and be able to know the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ of his/her products/services and be in a position to implement the required changes.

Digital marketing has numerous advantages. Contact Agnes – 0756806408, in order to apply for a course that will help you become a better entrepreneur.

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