The logic behind the magic

The logic behind the magic

The logic behind the magic

How agencies and clients can overcome the fear of creativity

And create more effective& creative campaigns

A joint agency& client seminar

1 day In-house program

Creating and approving truly creative ideas provokes fears and uncertainty and involves risk taking, thus much tension between agencies and clients. The digital, social and integrated ideas, which are harder to pre-test and to control, increase the fear factor.

Mindscapes methodology and tools have a proven record of helping agencies and clients reducing the uncertainty of creative ideas, by providing a solid process of understanding, evaluating and selection of creative ideas. These are based on a structured logic of creative ideas, of how and why they work, and on specific efficiency criteria. This results in more creative and more effective brand communication and in better cooperation between agency& client.

In this workshop participants will get practical tools and method for bridging the gap between client and agency and supplying the logic and rational behind the magic of creative ideas. The workshop includes a practical exercise in which participants are tasked with responding to real briefs, using the Mindscapes tools.


Value for participants

  • Gain new insights into the creative patterns behind the most creative recent campaigns in the field of Interactive & Integrated communication.
  • Acquire practical tools to lead their teams in the process of ideation and creation of creative concepts and innovative ideas.
  • Learn a set of commonly agreed criteria for evaluating and assessing the effective potential of new and original creative ideas.
  • Learn a structured process for presenting creative ideas, demonstrating their rational and logic, and providing the logic which transforms creative ideas into effective results.


This training presents some of the most effective new ways for brands to successfully engage with consumers in the new communications reality, while responding to some of fears, barriers and crucial questions marketers have:

  • How effective can the new age of communication campaigns be? (Much more than you think).
  • What kind of new tools and techniques can be used to increase effectiveness of such approaches?
  • How to evaluate and assess the value of creative ideas and their potential in achieving significant marketing and communication results?
  • How to brief an agency, what can you expect from your agency?
  • How can the agency and client be on the same page and create better creative& effective communication?

The approach

This program examines and studies many of the most recent, effective& creative award winning campaigns and identify the recurring thinking patterns behind these campaign ideas. Based on these patterns, it then offers structured thinking tools for developing original ideas and projects. These tools are then implemented by the participants on real marketing challenges and task.

Training goals 

Here is a description of the goals of this program and the expected benefits and take out for participants from this program:

  • Better understanding of the new ways and approaches in communications and in the creation of engagement between brands and consumers.
  • Understanding and showcasing the power and efficiency of these new communications tools and platforms.
  • Learning the success factors behind these new effective approaches, so as to be able to use them for developing new projects.
  • Realizing the difference between a “campaign” and “engagement projects” which make the brand more meaningful and relevant to people’s life. The shift from “talking about the brand” to doing “meaningful acts” illustrating the brands idea or message.
  • Analyzing why many marketers resist these changes? What are the mental and organizational obstacles? Are they right or wrong? How to embrace the change, overcome the obstacles/fear and benefit from the new possibilities open to the brand and the company.
  • Employing a new way of understanding and evaluating creative briefs.
  • Employing a new way of assessing creative ideas, based on a common and agreed set of criteria and guidelines.
  • Implementing new thinking tools which are learnt and practiced on real existing briefs to see their relevance and applicability to your company’s brands and products/services.


  • How to transform a (banal) promotion into an unforgettable public and personal experience for consumers.
  • How to use consumer’s creativity and people’s desire for attention/recognition to co-create stimulating brand experiences.
  • How to transform a brand into a warrior for a surprising cause, and initiate a social or cultural movement.
  • How to create a media experience which will put the brand in the center of a public debate, and thus enabling incremental marketing results and sales.
  • How to create, within a limited media budget, ideas which provoke strong media coverage and social network buzz.
  • How to invent and launch a (fictitious) new product which will attract lots of free media and public attention to your core brand.
  • How to transform a static medium into an interactive platform and a stage for live event with spontaneous participation of consumers.
  • How to create entertaining branded content & surprising branded entertainment.
  • Supply a structured method for presenting creative ideas, based on a solid rational, logic and facts, demonstrating the efficiency and proven results of creative & effective ideas.



A mix of agency& client, media and marketing/ communication professionals, up to

25/30 participants.

Location: anywhere outside the company’s premises.

Duration: 1 day program (8 hr session)

Format: Workshop style, (individual, pairs, teams), brief explanations, worksheets, a large amount of recent case studies of top inspiring campaigns from various markets, categories and any possible media mix.

Handout materials

Each participant receives an access to the online Mindscapes tools app: ( ) with free admission to all the tools presented during the training sessions. The application includes the logic/rational behind each thinking tool, a step-by-step thinking procedure, examples of case studies exemplifying each pattern, tips + suggestions regarding when and how to apply each tool.

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