Integrated Brand Communications (IBC)

Integrated Brand Communications (IBC)

Integrated Brand Communications (IBC)

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Part time (5:30pm-7:30pm): 4 months (Monday- Thursday)

Saturdays (8:30am-1:00pm)

About the Program

The international School of Advertising  (ISA), is the official training partner of the Association of Practitioners In  Advertising.

The Association of Practitioners in Advertising (APA) was registered in Kenya on the 31st October, 1984 as a body representing Advertising Agencies in Kenya and other East African countries as a spokesperson and negotiator.

One of the key mandates of the APA is to build and uphold  professional standards among its members and to recognize the application of creative excellence in the way brands and businesses communicate.

One of the channels of achieving this is through Training and Talent Development. The association in collaboration with its training partner, The International School of Advertising regularly conducts skills development programs for;

1.Its membership to build capacity and keep them updated on emerging skills and knowledge

2. Fresh graduates with a passion for marketing and advertising who wish to enter the industry. This is run as an apprentice program dubbed The Integrated Brand Communications Apprentice.


About the Integrated Brand Communications (IBC),  Apprentice Program

Influenced by global and local insights, the IBC Apprentice Program is a deliberate action to build and develop fresh graduates and early stage employees  and entrepreneurs with work place outcome expectations in the ever changing and dynamic nature of Marketing and Brand Communications.

Program Objectives

1. The program sets an opportunity for the target group to augment their academic achievements with on-the-job skills that will equip them with skill competencies that will help them meet the dynamic needs of the practice.

2. The program will ultimately improve the professional standards skills and competences in the Marketing Communications industry

3. The program builds a pool of work-ready young professionals from which the industry will hire employees with a long-term view

Who is it for 

The Program will identify and nurture fresh young under graduates and/or budding executives with less than three years experience in the field of Marketing and Brand Communcation and/or a young graduate in a different academic field with a clear vision and passion to pursue a career in the same field.

This course ensures all these roles speak the same language by understanding the big picture and the specific discipline one will play.

As an ISA graduate you will be work-ready and eager to hit-the-road-running, and become part of an accomplished Alumni group.

Application Process ( Fresh Graduates Only)

  1. Send your CV and 200 word personal statement on why you want to join the apprentice program.
  2. Selected candidates will be invited to 2 day immersion day. This day is aimed at selecting participants and matching them to employers.
    1. Day one: Focuses on outcome sensitization through overview of the  program and the brand communications  To be conducted by key trainers and industry experts
    2. Day 2 :  Based on the learning in day one,  you  will be tasked to make a 5 minute pitch to the employers ( APA Member agencies). There will also be a speed networking session to meet to them one-on-one.
    3. Those selected for the apprentice will be informed and will join the 4 month program

Intakes are in January, May and August


The course will take a 3 step structure:

Step I

This stage arms the student with the language, terminology and contextual concepts used in the practice of Advertising and Brand Marketing. A combination of self-study, lectures and case-study based workshops and group discussions are used to ensure students get practical know-how. Experienced industry practitioners in various specializations including Marketing, Brand, Research, Advertising, Media, Digital, BTL, Account Management, Personal Skills development deliver the training giving them real-life  exposure.

Step 2

Actual projects are provided to the students and they are expected to work on Marketing plans, Brand Plans, Advertising and Creative Briefs, Communication Strategies, as well as develop campaign and project implementation plans.  These are run in groups with assessment being the aggregate of individual  and aggregate score

Step 3

A final project

Participants are then  required to do a final project based on a real  brief. This is assessed at individual level.


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