Cracking the Codes of Digital Storytelling and Branded Content

Cracking the Codes of Digital Storytelling and Branded Content

Cracking the Codes of Digital Storytelling and Branded Content


This masterclass address two key arts which are at the heart of effective communications today: the art of Digital Storytelling and the art of creating compelling Branded Content.

The program examines recent innovative & effective award winning case studies, implementing contemporary storytelling features and branded content cases. It identifies recurring thinking patterns behind these creative ideas. Based on these patterns, it explores fields of digital storytelling and branded content and supplies structured thinking tools for generating new innovative & effective ideas. The tools are then implemented by the participants on various briefs and tasks.

The Mindscapes tools methodology can help answer key questions such as: how can a brand control content when content is no longer in the complete control of the brand? How can innovative technologies/platforms be effectively translated into innovative branded content? How can a brand deliver an idea/message, while also delivering an outcome people engage with on the merits of its value as genuine content? 

The Agenda Addresses Questions Such as:

  • What kind of contemporary storytelling approaches are there?
  • What do you need to know in order to become a good creator of stories in marketing communications today?
  • What kind of insights are helpful in creating an effective story today?
  • How to translate brand innovation into innovative Branded Content
  • How classical media platforms can be used at the service of effective Branded Content
  • How digital platforms/systems can be used at the service of effective Branded Content
  • How to transform storytelling into storysharing and storyteching ideas which trigger captivating dynamic Branded Content
  • How to translate a brand idea/message into different types of engaging interactive Branded Content ideas, within a structured thinking process

Note: the focus of this training is on developing creative ideas/concepts, not creative scripts/dialogs for branded entertainment purposes.

Topics covered:

  • 4 kinds of digital storytelling approaches
  • 6 structured thinking tools for creating digitally storytelling campaigns and branded content ideas and concept.
  • How to use integrated and interactive methods of delivering a story, crossing the border between online and offline using innovative platforms, so as to reach more people in everyday life
  • How to create and deliver a story and branded content by using existing resources and platforms in a new disruptive unexpected manner
  • How to create unexpected new connections between elements which were never connected before, so as to create engaging content, story and experience for people to take part in and to share.
  • How to provoke high media attention and put the brand in the heart of a compelling conversation.
  • How to deliver a story and create new branded content by letting people experience a truth for themselves in a concrete creative manner rather than just presenting it before them.

Duration:  2 days (8 hr session per day).

Participants: this masterclass is highly recommended for creatives, digital & social media creatives and professional, accounts, strategy, media and PR professional; as well as marketing, strategy, brand and communications professionals.

Format: Workshop style (including activities in pairs and in small teams). With clear explanations + exposure to a large amount of recent case studies representing inspiring campaigns from various markets and media mixes + practice sessions and feedback sessions

Handout Material:

Each participant receives an access to the online Mindscapes tools app:
( with free admission to all the tools presented during the training sessions. The application includes the logic/rational behind each thinking tool, a step-by-step thinking procedure, examples of case studies exemplifying each pattern and tips and suggestions regarding when and how to apply each tool.

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