APReCoM Fast Track Program

APReCoM Fast Track Program

APReCoM Fast Track Program


APreCoM  which stands for  , The Association of Public  Relations and Communications Management  Firms  (APReCoM)  is a Chapter of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK)  for Kenyan consultancy firms engaged in the practice of Public Relations and Communications. Registered in 2012 under the Society’s act, APReCoM is mandated  to drive  the advancement of the profession in Kenya and to  nurturing the  goals of its members.

The purpose of the APReCoM Fast Track Program is to on-board entry level individuals and those who are still relatively new in their role; giving them a sound personal and professional grounding. The first grounding is in aligning behaviour, attitude and basic skills to what is expected as a young professional. The second grounding is in the understanding of PR and communications, priming them into their roles with a foundational understanding in order to effectively play their role fit in the work place.

Learning Objectives

  1. To develop the personal skills they need, to integrate into the work-place and role they will play
  2. To give them a top-line understanding of PR and communications
  3. Enable them to have an informed view of the specialization/ department they can best fit into
  4. To cut- down their learning curve and make them useful to the organization within a shorter time

Who is it for

We are looking to promote diversity and will not only take students from a communications/ PR field of study. We will take those from relevant fields but also anyone who demonstrates a true passion for communication and the world of building brands. They should possess the following skills;

  • Creative Thinker
  • Analytical skills
  • Decisiveness (leadership)
  • Good organizational skills and attentive to detail
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Confidence
  • Good written and verbal communication skill

Course Delivery

This will be a uniquely interactive workshop style training, consisting of short lectures, practical  group work and discussions. It will also include the opportunity to work in organisations where they get to master their skills in a practical contest.  Finally it will entail guest speakers who will take participants through their own personal experiences of how they made it to where they are.


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