Buy Brands, Not Products

Buy Brands, Not Products

Marketers say that the transition of a product into a brand is defined by differentiation, relevance and trust. Trust being the key focus here.

Recently covered news items in Kenya have been the alarming number of contaminated food products that have made their way into well-known outlets. These products put the lives of consumers at risk. The suppliers of these products are unscrupulous businessmen interested only in a quick kill.

Established brands on the other hand care for the safety of consumers. Most contaminated food products bear novice names; hardly will news cover contaminated established brands. When it happens, recalls are common with a commitment to safety for the next batch of products communicated through all platforms available.

Much as it requires digging a little deeper into our pockets, in Kenya, a safer bet is to purchase an established brand. What's your take?

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This article has been written by Marion Wakahe on Behalf of the International School of Advertising

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