Best Marketing Certification Courses in Kenya offered by ISA (International School of Advertising).

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Best Marketing Certification Courses in Kenya offered by ISA (International School of Advertising).

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When it comes to the Marketing industry, knowledge is power. Thus, there are so many marketing certification courses in Kenya, and all you need to do is a google search. With the right credentials, a practitioner can advance their career in the marketing industry.

It’s a great time to plan your career goals with the new year and what it would take to achieve them. With many people looking for work and the Marketing industry getting highly competitive, enrolling in the right courses could further hone your knowledge in Marketing.

Why Marketing Certifications in Kenya are Important

Top marketers in the Kenyan industry know how to achieve their marketing objectives, whether it’s through promotion, advertising, digital marketing campaigns, influencer marketing, or converting leads. They understand what products to push, what industry jargon will be popular, and how to develop magnetic campaigns that convert.

To everyone else in the industry, these practitioners have superhuman powers. But, we understand their secret! The truth is these marketers aren’t superhumanly gifted but have the credentials, right skills, and industry experience that sets them apart from the rest.

We all want to stand out like these individuals in our circles, but perhaps we don’t have the kind of industry experience they have. Or maybe you are looking to start seeing these kinds of results now but still having difficulty proving yourself to clients or employers on your knowledge in the marketing sphere. After all, it’s not a walk in the park standing out in a competitive field such as marketing.

That’s where the International School of Advertising – Africa ISA Marketing courses come in.

A decade ago, marketing certifications didn’t matter in the Kenyan marketing industry. All you needed to have was a marketing diploma or degree. However, as time went on, marketing certifications are evolving and offer an excellent opportunity for practitioners.

Our marketing courses at ISA are more specialized and solution-oriented, and quite frankly, they are just more valuable. I’d say there’s a place for marketing certifications on every practitioner’s CV, and more so, if you are trying to get your feet wet in the industry.

So, What’s the Purpose of a Marketing Certification?

Most practitioners in Kenya have low regard for marketing certifications, but these credentials can be useful, especially if you need more formal training in marketing skills such as:

·  Customer Development

·  Market Research

·  Digital Business

·  Social Media Marketing

·  Strategic Brand Management

These courses cater to seasoned marketers and newcomers and can be done through a distance learning platform here at ISA.

Top Picks for the Best Marketing Courses in Kenya 2021

There are dozens of marketing certifications for marketing professionals in Kenya, making it hard to choose. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a guide of reputable marketing certifications offered by the International School of Advertising Africa to help you get on the next level in your marketing career.

Integrated Brand Communication

Integrated brand Communication or IBC offered by the International School of Advertising – Africa is a marketing program that provides a strong foundation for marketing professionals or those looking to start a career in marketing communications. This marketing certification course is best suited for mid-level practitioners in marketing communication roles, including Digital Marketing, Client account management, brand management, and media management.

Chartered Institute of Marketing

CIM or Chartered Institute of Marketing is perhaps the largest and most popular marketing certification globally and is offered at the International School of Advertising Africa. Professionals with this credential are among the most competitive, both locally and internationally.  Unlike other certification courses offered at ISA, CIM has different levels that professionals can take over a duration of time enhancing their skills.

Marketing Short Courses at ISA

International School of Advertising Africa has various short courses marketing professionals can enroll in to boost their experience, knowledge, and skills in marketing. These courses have been tailored to help students gain the most during a short time, giving them a competitive edge in the industry. The short courses include:

·  Marketing and Brand Planning

·  Account Management and Life Skills

·  Strategic Account Management

·  Digital for Business

·  Integrated Media Management

·  APReCoM Fast Track Program

ISA Masterclass

ISA Masterclass is a specially designed course offered by top marketing professionals in the industry with experience both locally in East Africa and Internationally. These top-notch marketers provide students with complete, captivating in-depth knowledge, experiences, and skills about the industry ins and outs.

The Masterclass program, a brainchild of ISA (International School of Advertising), is one of its kind course suitable for middle-level professionals and beginners.

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