Are CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Qualifications Worth It in Kenya?


Are CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Qualifications Worth It in Kenya?

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One of the frequently asked questions by potential students looking to enhance their marketing credentials while applying for our courses is about the value of enrolling for a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) course. 

What’s the importance of obtaining a CIM qualification? And what is the real value of a CIM course in the marketing profession in Kenya and globally?

CIM or Chartered Institute of Marketing is recognized globally as one of the leading professional bodies within the marketing industry. By 2016, CIM had more than 65,000 members looking to develop their marketing skills for professional recognition. According to CIM, it is the largest, longest-serving, and most respected marketing institution globally.

What Does a CIM Qualification Entail?

CIM qualifications are broad and cover a wide variety of marketing roles and remits. It entails marketing courses tailored specifically for a particular stage a potential learner is at in their marketing career. CIM courses are always evolving and getting fine-tuned since they are based on employers’ feedback and extensive research.

Is CIM Training at ISA Worth It?

It’s easy to believe that only a few vacancies in the Kenyan job market will require a candidate to have a CIM qualification as part of the job spec. Most times, it depends on the recruiting organization in question. For some, having this qualification is a requirement for any serious marketer in the job market, while others will give it little consideration. Nonetheless, even if a CIM qualification is not a requirement, having it on your resume is an impressive addition, giving you leverage over other potential candidates.

But let’s face it, there’s no doubt that CIM is an internationally respected and recognized qualification. It’s also not an essential qualification for all marketing jobs in the pool. However, it’s still a proactive measure to weigh its value in certain circumstances. For instance, if a candidate doesn’t have any formal marketing education and perhaps holds a degree in an unrelated field, taking a CIM course at ISA (International School of Advertising –Africa) is a sensible option leveraging their skills in the marketing industry.

Benefits of a CIM Qualification at ISA (International School of Advertising – Africa)

Enhance your qualification recognition

It goes without saying that having an extra qualification on your resume significantly increases your chances of recruitment in the job market. Often, recruiters will look out for candidates with international qualifications such as CIM on a potential employee. Therefore, whether you are looking to enhance your qualification or venture into the marketing world, a Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification from ISA can significantly increase your recognition.

Flexibility studying

Compared to other qualifications, potential students can begin their CIM qualification courses at ISA (International School of Advertising-Africa) at any time of the year, which is exceptionally convenient for individuals with an already busy schedule. At ISA, you can enroll in a virtual learning program and attend class through distance learning for greater convenience.

Boost your earnings

Qualifications such as CIM show your dedication to the marketing profession and help you stand out. Based on surveys conducted by Croner, CIM members earn 10% more compared to their unqualified counterparts.

Continued Support

Once you join ISA, your relationship with us doesn’t end after the completion of your courses. After your qualification, you’ll be part of our extensive alumni with benefits to access quality marketing resources and networking opportunities.

Bottom line

Having a CIM qualification doesn’t only enhance your skill giving you bragging rights among your colleagues. Since it’s internationally recognized, it gives you a chance to compete globally with the best professionals and leading brands.

If you’ve made up your mind and are looking to enhance your marketing qualifications competitive in the industry you can visit our offices or contact us on +254 735 370 993. Our representatives will be more than glad to offer all the assistance you require.

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