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APReCoM Fast Track

The Association of Public Relations and Communications Management Firms (APReCoM)  is a Chapter of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) for Kenyan consultancy firms engaged in Public Relations and Communications practice. Registered in 2012 under the Society’s Act, APReCoM is mandated to drive the profession’s advancement in Kenya and nurture its members’ goals.


The purpose of the APReCoM Fast Track Program is to onboard entry-level individuals and those who are still relatively new in their role, giving them a sound personal and professional grounding. The first grounding aligns behavior, attitude, and basic skills to what is expected as a young professional. The second grounding is in understanding PR and communications, priming them into their roles with a foundational understanding to effectively play their role fit in the workplace.

Who is it for

We are looking to promote diversity and will not only take students from a communications/ PR field of study. We will take those from relevant fields but also anyone who demonstrates a true passion for communication and the world of building brands. 

Learning Outcomes

On completing the module the learner will;

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