APA Industry breakfast forums

APA Industry breakfast forums

The Association of Practitioners in Advertising (APA),  jointly with the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK), Kenya Audience Research Foundation (KARF), and International School of Advertising (ISA), have entered into partnership with Strathmore Business School (SBS) to create a platform for various forms of industry engagement in the Marketing and Advertising sector.

One of these engagements is the APA Industry Forum Breakfasts. 

In order to grow winning brands, clients and agency must consistently work in harmony. The end result of a great working relationship is great work that yields great results.

We believe that getting great results is fundamentally based on having the right information,  the right expertise in ones field and mutual respect.

The  purpose of the APA Industry Forums is to provide a platform where best practice will be shared and discussed. This will enable  stakeholders in the marketing and advertising field adopt practices that will result in stronger partnerships, stronger brands and  business growth for all.  



October 2019 



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August 2019
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