“I have developed my skillset in 6 months. The whole process has been quite breathtaking. With the vast options of career paths after ISA, I would definitely recommend anyone. There is a holistic approach from personal skills development and account management to technical skills. P.S, Jane was
just the best. I was immediately taken in as an intern at RedHouse advertising under client service and currently in the process of getting absorbed in the


“I started ISA with a passion for digital marketing. During my class at ISA, I was introduced to amazing ideas and platforms that could help me measure performance of digital marketing campaigns and compare its impact against traditional advertising channels. Since then I have managed to grow career
wise and I now manage the Marketing and Communication function at Oxford University Press East Africa. And I am happy to say that just last week we
launched a Facebook page for the East African branch and my team is now able to benefit from the knowledge I acquired from ISA.”


After ISA, I was able to bloom as a marketer and really identify my strengths so as to accentuate on them and also to go for jobs that are fulfilling. I Moved from sales and marketing executive to head of sales and marketing department in one of the biggest Hotels in Kenya.


“Having real practical knowledge from ISA helped to easily adapt to the new environment, work mates are also very good mentors. In relation to work 3 words “”Baptism by fire”” Currently placed in Redhouse, Account Executive.”


ISA taught me a lot if not everything about marketing 360 that has led me to an advertising industry. Today I am happy to be at Media Edge Interactive working as an account executive. Through ISA today I am proud to call myself a marketing and communication consultant.


My journey begun with finding my niche in the communication realm. Found my passion in advertising and ISA nurtured that zeal. I am now an Account Executive and Redhouse Group. Handling matters branding, advertising and digital; experience is worthwhile. The future is looking up.


“Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the course and especially since it was conducted by industry experts.”


When I was at ISA I was an Intern at Villa Rosa Kempinski. I got a job immediately after my training in the hotel’s Front Office Department. I am now the Marketing Coordinator for both Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi and Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara.

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