A Choice between Two Equally Qualified Candidates What determines if your selected or not?

A Choice between Two Equally Qualified Candidates What determines if your selected or not?

It is a challenge for HR professionals to find and recruit people whether in a weak or strong job market. And this varies by level, industry, requisite skills among other factors. So when employers are faced by a situation where there are two equally qualified candidates for the same position, some hard decisions have to be made. We asked our respondents what key top attributes they look for when forced to choose between two equally qualified candidates.

Results of the survey show that 61.6% of the employers assess the area of specialization of the candidates to help choose between two equally qualified job applicants. This calls for candidates to concentrate in gaining experience in their areas of specialization as employers are keen on it. 40.7% make the choice based on the candidate’s leadership experiences; as such candidates are able to manage themselves and teams, take responsibility and are accountable. While 34.5% look at candidates remuneration expectations, 31.6% make the consideration based on candidates industry experience, 26% of employers consider candidates availability and the rest 8.5% make the consideration based on the educational attainment when making a hiring discretion between two candidates.


 How do you make the cut when equated to another qualified candidate?

A choice between 2 candidates gives you direct insight from HR representatives in varied fields on what  it takes to emerge as the chosen candidate.


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The is article is an extract from a research the was conducted by Corporate Staffing in 2015.

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